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8 Ways to Manage Stress During Self-Quarantine

  Who would have thought that putting the world on pause and staying home for a few weeks would be stressful? We know better now. Isolation, anxiety about the present, and uncertainty about the future are doing a number on all of us. Here are some thoughts from the Seychelles team on how to manage stress while we weather the storm.     1. Get some exercise    Exercise is the ultimate natural anti-depressant. A run outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a great way to achieve this endorphin “high” and its long-lasting mood-boosting aftereffects. You aren’t limited by being inside, though. Thanks to the internet, the workout world is your oyster. You might just achieve those fitness goals...

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5 Quick Hair Savings Hacks For Winter!

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your strands. Just like your skin, your hair needs some tender love and care in order to brave the harsh temperatures and defend your mane from cold snaps, indoor heating, and strong winds! Below are a few quick hacks to cure winter stressed hair from the founder Sarah Piaget of Seychelles Haircare:   1. A Humidifier:  Surprising! But indoor heating causes the air in your home to become much drier than usual, extracting moisture from both your skin and hair. Humidifiers are a perfect solution as they help your strands lock in moisture.   2. Oil Treatment: Restore moisture in your hair with an oil treatment that can lock in moisture and hydration. Our Damage Repair...

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