8 Ways to Manage Stress During Self-Quarantine

Who would have thought that putting the world on pause and staying home for a few weeks would be stressful? We know better now. Isolation, anxiety about the present, and uncertainty about the future are taking a toll on all of us. Here are some thoughts from the Seychelles team on how to manage stress while we weather the storm.

1. Get some exercise

Exercise is the ultimate natural anti-depressant. A run outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a great way to achieve this endorphin “high” and its long-lasting mood-boosting aftereffects. You aren’t limited by being inside, though. Thanks to the internet, the workout world is your oyster. You might just achieve those fitness goals that stay out of reach during the busy work week.

2. Go for a walk 

 It’s not the heart-pumping workout of a run, but a walk gets you moving while allowing you to enjoy the scenery and perhaps to slip into a different frame of mind. It is a simple way to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. For an even bigger boost, get out into nature for your meditative stroll, if that is accessible to you. You will notice a more positive state of mind afterwards. 

 3. Practice yoga 

 Movement combined with deep breathing make yoga a powerful stress reliever. If you are a seasoned veteran, you probably already have a flow sequence you can practice with your eyes closed! For the rest of us, YouTube is the holy grail for yoga practice videos that will allow you to release any built-up tension or negativity.

 4. Hang with a pet

 Let’s face it, there is nothing the sloppy kisses and joyful hellos of your favorite canine. A cat’s cuddles are not to be dismissed either! If pets are furry therapists, their prescription is unconditional love. What could possibly be better for our emotional state? 

 5. Catch a case of the giggles 

 In times of isolation, the internet can be your friend. Whether you stream your favorite comedian or facetime with that friend who loves a good story, laughter is great for the soul. 

 6. Escape into a great read 

 There is nothing like a blood-pumping thriller or an epic fantasy to take your mind off the worries of the world outside for a while. Losing oneself in a story line can help you cope with anxiety-producing news updates until the world returns to normalcy. 

 7. Turn on your favorite music

 Go old-school and flip through your music library. Keep it current and stream Spotify or Google Play. Mood-based playlists designed to relax you will do the trick before you know it, and playlists designed to help you focus will not go amiss if you are trying to work from home. Who knew being alone could be so hard on concentration? 

 8. Be grateful

 Like telling the people we love that we love them, it is easy to forget to count our blessings, and so important for ourselves and others. Right now is always the right time.